What our Soccer Sprout families are saying...

...we do MORE than "just soccer." We focus on the SOCIAL and EMOTIONAL development of your child!!

"Thanks for always being great! We truly appreciate you and A talks about Coach Becky and when is soccer DAILY! No joke! You have helped create a learning, listening to direction and expanding maturity environment. Thank you!" -K.L

"Your program is awesome and I am thankful for the opportunity that Ella had to learn things about soccer from you at the convenience of you coming to daycare and not taking more time out of our lives! I know we will be able to build on her skills that she has learned from you to succeed in whatever sport she chooses to pursue!" - D.A.

"Thank you so much for offering this sprouts program. My girls love that it’s fast paced with lots of different activities and have really enjoyed it. Coach Josh definitely helped plant the soccer bug in Madison and I think she will love it for years to come..." - D.H.

 "My husband and I could not say enough good things about the first practice. We were not sure Sawyer was going to be into the whole running, sporty thing. However, she totally enjoyed it and loved you. You are so good at making it fun for the kiddos. Thanks for loving and teaching them." - D.W.

"... I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful opportunity for my son, who has a social uniqueness that is often overlooked, ignored or made fun of. He came away from every session with pride for accomplishing something, whether it be a goal or winning a game. My husband and I are grateful for your program." - J.M.

"You are awesome!! ... I can't thank you enough! We have a calendar up now counting down the days for soccer to start! That's a huge thanks to you and your great coaches!!" - J.R.

"I wanted to thank you for being such an active role model in Keagan's life. You are all he talks about after soccer and he looks forward to coming every Wednesday night." - B.W.

 "You and your coaches are so wonderful with the kids and our family just wanted to tell you thank you all! Atticus is excited to play again soon. We always recommend and speak highly of your program to our friends with young kids—the listening, confidence, teamwork and of course soccer skills you teach help kids in so many aspects of their lives." - E.B.

"She loves her (Coach Becky McCabe)! ...Coach Becky engaged her right away and Zoey loves her enthusiasm! This program has been amazing for her socially - we are so glad to be a part of it!" - T.L.

"I just wanted to say a BIG thank you! I have never seen my daughter so excited for an activity. She loved every minute and I loved watching her! Your program is amazing and we cannot wait until next week!" - K.N.

"... Thanks so much for being amazing with the kids. You are so good with them and they LOVE soccer because of it!!!" - H. T.

 "Thank you so much for everything you do for the kids! My daughter LOVES Soccer Sprouts and is always talking 100 mph about the games she plays. Such a FUN way to stay active and to learn soccer skills. Thanks!"  - H. G.

 "She is LOVING Soccer Sprouts! :) She has a joint disorder (hypermobility) that causes her to not be very coordinated. We've even noticed a change in her since starting soccer! Plus, she loves it...so win-win!" - K.H.